Services. products developed

All our software on this page are products developed by us over the years. Our aim is to give  a full range of computer related services to our customers so they don't have to  run around to different suppliers. We are giving you:

Customized Software  Development  in Microsoft Visual Products

Web enabled applications development.

Technical Support in all aspects of running a network system.

Training on a one to one basis or in a group.

Relational Database Design from concept to implementation.

R&R Works. Relational report writer. We will generate or maintain any report you any need.

Our Specialty

Visual FoxPro development. Yes, it is an old product but there are still hundred of thousands applications in the world that need to be maintained and supported. We have extensive experience in this field.

R&R Works, Relational report writer. We have written literally thousands of reports in R&R.

Global Support

We can do most work over the internet. In fact some customers we did not visit for years while their operations run smoothly from remote. Support is also given remotely.