Visual FoxPro Development

Visual FoxPro Development & Maintenance                                                                                   

Many people asked us "Why do you like to develop in Visual FoxPro more than in other products"? This is  what we have to say;

  • VFP is the FASTEST database engine in the industry.
  • It is a true object oriented language with rapid development tools.
  • You can have a "front end" Visual FoxPro development and a "back end" SQL Server. VFP will issue direct calls to Sequel Server.
  • If you have an existing legacy system in FoxPro, it is significantly less costly to re-write it in VFP. Much of the old code can be re-used.
  • You can transfer to, or directly view your data with EXCEL and MS Access.
  • A very stable system. We have customers that did not get any data corruption for months and years.

Let us maintain your Visual FoxPro or FoxPro system. If your developer or  programmer moved to other products, we will take over effortlessly. You don't  need to move to other products and pay again for development. The worldwide FoxPro community is maintaining an open source code and is so big that we believe this product will last much longer than  expected. 

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