The Periodontal Letter

For privacy and security all data in the  Periodontal Letter is kept in your office. No data is transmitted over the  internet !! No annual fees to pay. We are updating  this software on a regular basis. Designed for Periodontics practitioners, this software will generate a letter to the referring dentist by selecting phrases from a set of questions. Letters are kept permanently for future re-printing. Confidentiality and security are maintained by keeping all the files on your computer rather then using them over the internet.

No annual support fees.  e-mail and telephone support is always free. Upon a major upgrade the price for existing users will be significantly less than for new users.

We are constantly updating  the oftware with new phrases. Please e-mail us your input so we can maintain the most comprehensive software in the industry.

Press the blue DOWNLOAD above or below to get a full version which will work for up to 25 letters.

  • Unlimited number of periodontists in your office for a single copy.
  • Unlimited number of dentists in the list.
  • Keeps details of each patient for future re-examination assessment.
  • Easy to operate. Just select  the phrases with a mouse click and print the letter.
  • Saves tremendous amount of time in responding to the referring dentist.
  • Guaranteed accurate answers.
  • Can be used in a network    environment.
  • The downloadable version allows you for up to 25 letters before you decide to buy it.
  • Free technical support for one    year including the demo version.

If you wish to change the final    produced letter in any way, you can "print" it to "export"  option which will create it as MS Word RTF format and change it. This feature makes viable any minor customized needs possible.

Can be customized to your needs. 

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