The Business Integrator for wholesale distribution

If you would like to connect to our server for a live demonstration of "The  Business Integrator", talking with our technical support for free, please  send us your e-mail. We will send you a link and call you back via phone  for the audio part.

One system for all your needs     

While you can buy plenty of off-the-shelf software packages for your business you might find that over time you will either accumulate extraneous programs which have been bundled in an attempt to add value or you will have invested in software that does not stack up to the requirements of running your business. If you feel that this is the situation your facing then you might be more interested in a bespoke software suite which allows you to cover every eventuality and have a certain amount of scalability to your systems. When it is time to ditch the cellophane packed, mass-produced software and get a more cost-effective, powerful alternative then this is precisely the type of offer you should seek.

When you are running a small and medium sized business having unified control over various aspects of that business is essential. Comprehensive software installed on your system in a tailor-made fashion will allow you to manage your staff, stay in touch with clients and even handle all of your accounting on-site, reducing your overheads and allowing you to keep tabs on the minutiae of the whole operation. In general you will find that this type of software is still written using mainstream programs, so there should be no question of compatibility if you are upgrading. Microsoft Visual Fox is ideal for these purposes, with suppliers able to use it to build a custom, fully integrated business system that will work well if you have 10 networked computers or 100.

This level of control and interactivity is not just limited to your in-house system as web applications can compliment and expand the functionality to allow for greater ease of use. For example, if you are running a distribution business and you need clients to enter data into an order form online then the web application can instantly transfer this data over to your internal systems for instant storage. This will cut down on any manual data entry that you are required to perform, ultimately saving time and money in the process.

While this one-size-fits-all approach is definitely advantageous in some situations, you might feel that for your particular business there is going to be just too much customisation required in order to reach the levels of appropriateness and functionality that you need. Thankfully this has been thought of and there are various specialised software packages, still based on the core Microsoft Visual Fox code, which may be worth examining. Whether you operate a travel agent that requires regular booking entry or the complaints arm of a car firm you can find packages that are ready to incorporate your specific style of operation. The fact that you can try before you buy and literally watch the customisation in process remotely from any location only adds to the impressive nature of these offers. Whether you are seeking   accounting software to keep the books in order or a company-wide software bundle that includes everything you need and nothing you do not, it is always sensible to seek out custom software packages.    

 A powerful fully integrated solution for wholesalers distributors and  manufacturers. Fully customizable for each user and therefore  suitable for various industries and corporation sizes. This product has  the most powerful set of functions in the market, user friendly and easy to  operate. It has full accounting functionality built in.

In other similar systems currently in the market, a  third party consultant can customize the system for you but when a new version  is published, you are unable to incorporate your customization with it. This is  NOT the case with The Business Integrator. We are the developers of the system  and your customized changes. You will always have the latest version in your  site.

There is no charge "per seat".  Two stations or a hundred stations are the same price.

Unlike other products, all special  developments are incorporated into the product and switched on/off using  parameter file settings. This facilitates ease of maintenance by ensuring that  there is just one code base for all customers.

After downloading, please refer to "TBI Quick Start.doc"  (a Word document) below, for further instructions and more detail information.

The download copy below is the full version of the system without any limitations. We believe that a company that is going to run and rely on a software package of this size and magnitude, will purchase or lease it after testing.  


The Business Integrator for wholesale distribution business integration