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Our Software                                                                                     

All items in this catalog have been designed and written by Geldman Computer Systems Inc. which holds the full rights to them. Each one is customizable to the requirements of individual users, but the core logic is the same for all. Please download the fully functional version of each product that has a "Download Now" button and "test run" them before you buy.

The Business Integrator

For wholesalers and distributors. This system encompasses all aspects of running a business in one program. It is designed to run on a network with multi company capabilities. This system is customized for each user using the same core code for all users. Currently there are users with over 100 network stations on this system. The downloadable version is the full unrestricted version with test data in it for immediate query capabilities.

Periodontal Letter

Designed for periodontists, this software will generate a letter to the referring dentist by selecting phrases from a set of questions. A productivity tool that saves tremendous amounts of time and sets high accuracy levels. The downloadable version is the full version restricted only to 25 letters.

Electronic Components Bidding

Accept e-mails for bidding in different EXCEL format attachments from various sources and easily convert them to your files and send back a bid. See your past biddings and respond in record time. Please listen and see a demo session online.  

Complaint Management for car rental

Written for a car rental company in Toronto, this system records and classifies customer complaints for follow up, resolution and statistics.

Windows Manufacturing Breakdown System

Allows manufacturing companies of custom aluminum or vinyl windows to enter height and width of a window and get a list of all materials needed to manufacture it with exact measurements.

Travel Agency Software

Full pledged system for booking and management of a travel agency including history for each customer and travel planning software. Travel agencies who plan comprehensive trips will find this software very helpful for preparation and planning of such activity.




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