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343 Clark Ave. W. #1207

Thornhill, Ontario

L4J 7K5  Canada

Tel. 647-694-0934




Each product we have developed, selling or using for our development, we are also training your staff how to use it effectively via remote connection training. This enables us to sell our products and services to any customer in the world with confidence.

How is this done in practice.

  1. We email you a link to our developers computer.
  2. You press on the link and get connected to our developers computer.
  3. We call your regular telephone number to establish an audio connection.

In many aspects, this session is superior to onsite presence as we  have all the tools in our computers go give you answers on the spot. Try us on a small scale to see the power of remote training.

R&R Relational Report Writer Training. We can give you on a one to one basis complete training over the internet using the above method of communications.


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