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343 Clark Ave. W. #1207

Thornhill, Ontario

L4J 7K5  Canada

Tel. 647-694-0934




Joshua R. Geldman

Joshua started his data processing career in 1968 as an operator on Main Frame computers and went up the ladder of promotions to become a Project Leader in major corporations. He started his IT career in Israel Aircraft Industries and moved to Canada in 1974.

In 1986 he founded Geldman Computer Systems Inc. and since then many satisfied companies are among his customers.

The main philosophy of Joshua is to develop a core code for a project and to customize it for the various users. This gives the customized software a high degree of reliability and stability while still fitting each customer individually. This way, the cost of development is also reduced significantly which makes customized software attractive to small companies as well.


Joshua has developed systems in many industries including;

Joshua has installed many networks for his client base and is a skilled trouble shooter.

In the last few years he has been a beta tester for R&R Relational Report Writer from LiveWare Publishing.

He has written some engineering projects for the aluminum window manufacturing industry.

Managed the company for the the last 28 years and is a top level system designer.




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